Inspiring quotes from the 2018 Natural Capital Symposium

“Ecosystem health is connected to human well-being. If you can illuminate those connections, you can transform policies.” – Mary Ruckelshaus, Managing Director, Natural Capital Project

“NatCap is a gem in recognizing the importance of collaboration across sectors. We are not going to solve the big problems around the world unless we learn to collaborate.” – John Hennessey, Stanford’s 10th President

“Human progress can pollute a place, but it can also restore it.” – Jerry Yang, Founding Partner, AME Cloud Ventures

“Our community’s work on natural capital will only have impact if we engage with people…it’s more important and more difficult than the science itself.” – Emily McKenzie, Chief Adviser, Economics and Sustainability, WWF Global Science

“Make no mistake, the challenges are incredibly daunting. However, we are all here together because we feel it’s really important for us to tackle those challenges. Civil society and governments need science…and we have strong evidence that science can actually help drive change…there is no better time than now: it’s time to up the ante.” – Jane Lubchenco, University Distinguished Professor at Oregon State University

“Government policy is by far the most important tool we have. Effective, creative, and innovative government policy will be the most important tool to promote private investment flows to our work. What we conservationists need to do is emphasize and push for more policies that intentionally drive investments in nature.” – Mark Tercek, CEO and President of The Nature Conservancy

“Start with solutions people care about”– Katherine Mach, Director of Stanford Environment Assessment Facility, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment