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NatCap in the Media

Smells of Nature Lower Physiological Stress

January 2, 2020 | The Scientist

Pre-Inca Canal System Uses Hillsides as Sponges to Store Water

December 30, 2019 | EOS

Mekong, accelera la corsa per l’accaparramento idrico

December 13, 2019 | La Stampa

Government, Businesses Ramp Up Focus On Protection Of Ecosystems

December 12, 2019 |

The wellbeing connection

December 4, 2019 | UFZ

As hurricane season ends, now is the time to take local action to rebuild and recover (commentary)

December 3, 2019 | Mongabay

Flooding and coastal damages risking £12bn to UK economy

November 28, 2019 | edie

Failure to tackle the climate and nature emergency will cost UK billions – new report

November 27, 2019 | About

UMN researchers contribute to worldwide interactive nature map project

October 23, 2019 | The Minnesota Daily

Here’s how AI is helping secure water for your future

October 22, 2019 | Microsoft On the Issues

A New Study Pinpoints With Incredible Specificity the Places Most at Risk on a Warming Planet

October 21, 2019 | Mother Jones

Suspended service: what will happen if nature deteriorates?

October 21, 2019 | Sputnik news

New study pinpoints and maps the places most at risk on a warming planet

October 20, 2019 | BeSpacific

New study pinpoints the places most at risk on a warming planet

October 20, 2019 | Salon

Nature can no longer take care of us.

October 17, 2019 | Ecoportal

Stanford trustees hear annual report from president, discuss the university’s research ecosystem, sustainability solutions

October 16, 2019 | Stanford News

Consultorio Ecológico

October 16, 2019 | Hoy digital

Scholar’s New Book a Guide For Bringing Ecological Benefits Into Economic Considerations

October 16, 2019 | Noozhawk

Αυτός ο Χάρτης Δείχνει Ποια Μέρη του Πλανήτη Ίσως Χάσουν τα Οφέλη της Φύσης

October 16, 2019 | Vice

Research Roundup: Archaea proteins, phone app increases physical activity, nature unable to protect humans

October 14, 2019 | The Stanford Daily