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Ecosystem Services Analyst, Stanford

Jess Silver

Jess Silver is an ecosystem services analyst for the Natural Capital Project’s marine team. Jess works closely with NatCap’s partners around the world to build capacity for and support the application of scientific approaches and tools, like InVEST, that help people better account for the value of nature in their decision making processes. Jess’ focus is on applying and supporting the development of the InVEST coastal protection tools. These tools are designed to assess vulnerability to coastal hazards and the potential for ecosystems to provide natural defenses, and are currently being applied in national development planning, climate adaptation and restoration prioritization contexts. Jess has also been working with partners in British Columbia to develop a habitat suitability index, a simple screening tool to help inform siting and restoration questions in spatial planning efforts. Jess has a master’s degree from the University of Washington and bachelors from Wellesley College.