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Chief Conservation Officer, World Wildlife Fund - US

Nik Sekhran

Nik Sekhran is the Chief Conservation Officer at the World Wildlife Fund- US, overseeing work on wildlife protection, forest conservation, oceans and water resources management, food production and markets, and climate change. Prior to his appointment to the post early in 2018, he served as the Director for Sustainable Development at the United Nations Development Programme. He was responsible for providing program and policy support to countries to advance ecologically, economically and socially sustainable development and to manage tradeoffs between these three prongs of sustainable development. Over a 26 year career, he has worked on-the-ground on conservation and development in over 45 countries. His specific focus has been the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity including wildlife, fish stocks, and forests, ecosystem management, and conservation-compatible development, including nature-based tourism, sustainable agriculture and fishing.