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Sustainable Development Planning

Country Development Plan, Mozambique

Helped to create a spatial plan for the Primeras et Segundas marine reserve, as well as to integrate natural capital in its national planning system and national accounts, highlighted as one of its strategic objectives in the country’s five year national development plan. Partners: Stanford University, WWF.  Collaborator:  Government of Mozambique.

Optimizing Forest & Landscape Restoration, Espirito Santo, Brazil

Identified reforestation areas based on ecosystem services and their benefits to people. Co-developed and applied the Restoration Opportunities Optimization Tool (ROOT), an ecosystem service software tool, to identify restoration opportunities that provide the greatest benefits at the lowest cost. Collaborators:  International Union for Conservation and Nature (IUCN).

Road Planning, Myanmar

Informing development of a new planned road from Dawei, Myanmar to Thailand, and quantifying and mapping natural capital across the nation to support development and implementation of the country’s Green Economy strategy. Also, mapping threats to natural capital from potential investments through China's Belt and Road Initiative. Partners:  Stanford University, WWF.


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