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Sustainable Development Planning

Optimizing Forest & Landscape Restoration, Colombia (Cartagena, Medellín, Cali, Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Cucuta)

Identified reforestation areas based on ecosystem services and their benefits to people. Co-developed and applied the Restoration Opportunities Optimization Tool (ROOT), an ecosystem service software tool, to identify restoration opportunities that provide the greatest benefits at the lowest cost. Published the analysis for these 6 cities as part of The Nature Conservancy's 2017 report titled "Beyond the Source: The environmental, economic, and community benefits of source water protection." Collaborators: International Union for Conservation and Nature (IUCN).

Promoting Sustainable Development, Andros Island, The Bahamas

Developed a Master Plan for Andros Island that will promote sustainable development and ensure the long-term viability of forests, wetlands, reefs, and biodiversity that underpin the economy and support livelihoods. Partners: Stanford University, The Nature Conservancy.  Collaborators:  Government of The Bahamas, University of The Bahamas, the Inter-American Development Bank.


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