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Conserving Rivers though Strategic Trade-off Analyses, Nepal

Conserving Nepal's Rivers through strategic trade-off analyses. Partners: WWF International, WWF Nepal, NatCap. Collaborator: Lawrence Berkeley Labs.

The Challenge

Trying to quantify ecosystem values related to Nepal's rivers and especially in the Karnali River. This information is then used to find good trade-offs between Nepal's wish to develop more renewable hydropower and possible impacts of dams on rivers and people.

Green Finance

The Natural Capital Project is working with multilateral development banks (MDBs) and three countries to advance national-level development plans to set standards, policies, and spatial zoning guidelines based on a systematic approach to quantifying the contributions of nature to human well-being. The countries — Belize, Colombia, and Costa Rica — were selected for both their opportunity to demonstrate the benefits from natural capital-based planning and their salience with key multilateral or government investors.


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