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Modeling benefits from nature: using ecosystem services to inform coastal and marine spatial planning

Guerry, Anne D., Mary H. Ruckelshaus, Katie K. Arkema, Joey R. Bernhardt, Gregory Guannel, Choong-Ki Kim, Matthew Marsik, Michael Papenfus, Jodie E. Toft, Gregory Verutes, Spencer A. Wood, Michael Beck, Francis Chan, Kai M.A. Chan, Guy Gelfenbaum, Barry D. Gold, Benjamin S. Halpern, William B. Labiosa, Sarah E. Lester, Phil S. Levin, Melanie McField, Malin L. Pinsky, Mark Plummer, Stephen Polasky, Peter Ruggiero, David A. Sutherland, Heather Tallis, Andrew Day and Jennifer Spencer
June 1, 2012
Publication Type: 
Peer reviewed