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Reimagining the potential of Earth observations for ecosystem service assessments

Carlos Ramirez-Reyes, Kate A.Brauman, RebeccaChaplin-Kramer, Gillian L.Galford, Susana B.Adamo, Christopher B.Andersone, Clarissa Anderson, Ginger R.H.Allington, Kenneth J.Bagstad, Michael T.Coe, Anna F.Cord, Laura E.Dee, Rachelle K.Gould, Meha Jain, Virginia A.Kowal, Frank E.Muller-Kargern, Jessica Norriss, Peter Potapov, T. Maxwell Wright
Science of The Total Environment
May 15, 2019
Volume 665, 15 May 2019, Pages 1053-1063
Publication Type: 
Peer reviewed