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Green Finance and Livelihoods

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The Natural Capital Project is working with multilateral development banks (MDBs) and three countries to advance national-level development plans to set standards, policies, and spatial zoning guidelines based on a systematic approach to quantifying the contributions of nature to human well-being. The countries — Belize, Colombia, and Costa Rica — were selected for both their opportunity to demonstrate the benefits from natural capital-based planning and their salience with key multilateral or government investors. This project has evolved into a broader initiative: the People, Planet, Prosperity project. 

Project Category: Sustainable Development Planning 
Project Status: Current 
Research Area: Sustainable Development

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Project Outcome

Our goal is for global investors to adapt or adopt new standardized guidance and evaluation metrics and utilize decision support tools developed to align development financing with national level, natural capital-based sustainable development plans

We also plan to demonstrate a “natural capital” based model for national level sustainable development planning in three countries, which is then further reinforced by the adoption of aligned development financing standards by key government and multi-lateral development bank investors 

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