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The Natural Capital Symposium

More than 400 attendees from 45 countries attended this year's symposium.

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Using ecosystem services science, we map, measure, and value nature's benefits to people. 

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Through InVEST, we provide decision-makers with information for policy and finance decisions.

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Our work is co-developed and implemented by a global network of collaborators in the public and private sectors.

Photo by Lance Asper on Unsplash, Coastline from above

The Natural Capital Project approach allows global decision-makers to consider nature's diverse benefits. 

Reimagining Prosperity: Co-creating a new future for people and nature in Belize

This film highlights a long-standing collaboration with the Natural Capital Project, the Belizean government, and local NGOs to leverage Belize's natural capital and create innovative avenues of prosperity for both people and nature. 

Learn more about new ways of co-developing and financing a better future in Belize and around the world through nature.

Natural capital approaches explained: overview of assessments and accounting

In this animation, learn the basics of how natural capital assessments and accounting help us work towards a prosperous future.  The People, Planet, Prosperity project team is co-developing natural capital approaches that  inform policy and investment decisions for development and conservation goals with 16 pilot countries. 

 Spanish version | Chinese version

NatCap is a partnership between interdisciplinary researchers, professionals, and leaders working to make valuing natural capital easier and more accessible to all.