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Foothills above Stanford
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Using ecosystem services science, we map, measure, and value nature's benefits to people. 

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Through InVEST, we provide decision-makers with information for policy and finance decisions.

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Our work is co-developed and implemented by a global network of collaborators in the public and private sectors.

Photo by Lance Asper on Unsplash, Coastline from above

The Natural Capital Project approach allows global decision-makers to consider nature's diverse benefits. 

Featured Project

Food Forests: Growing Community Benefits

The Natural Capital Project presents a report, in collaboration with the Food Policy Council of San Antonio and three San Antonio city departments, that estimates the amount of food that could be produced by urban farms and food forests, as well as other additional benefits, in San Antonio, Texas. Read more.

Increasing the accessibility of ecosystem services software and tools

NatCap released a new version of InVEST that for the first time provides options for using the tool in Chinese and Spanish. Both the user interface and user guide are now translated, and the new software infrastructure is designed to more easily add new languages and translation updates in the future. Read more

NatCap is a partnership between interdisciplinary researchers, professionals, and leaders working to make valuing natural capital easier and more accessible to all.