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The GIS for InVEST is a video tutorial series that provides step-by-step guidance related to a variety of geographic information system (GIS) topics for working with InVEST models. Each tutorial covers one topic, and each topic is presented in both ArcGIS and QGIS. 

GIS for InVEST video series

These tutorials are for anyone with a basic familiarity with GIS concepts and software (QGIS in particular). If you have never used GIS before, the videos will not provide foundational instruction—they are focused on techniques needed for InVEST modeling. If you consider yourself an intermediate to advanced GIS user, these lessons might be too basic for you.

If you are new to GIS or InVEST, we strongly recommend taking an introductory class before beginning this video series. We’ve provided a few recommendations below.

Using the tutorials:

These are hands-on tutorials that are intended to stand alone. To get the most out of them, we recommend following along in your own GIS session. Sample data is provided with each individual tutorial, so before beginning each tutorial, please download the associated data and unzip it on your computer. Also, you will need a recent version of either QGIS or ArcGIS installed.

Check back for new topics, as we continue to add new tutorials. Please send any feedback about how they may be improved, as well as suggestions for topics to cover  to our Community Forum, using the Category of “Training.”