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InVEST Trademark and Logo Use Policy

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InVESTĀ® is a registered trademark of Stanford University. Stanford University owns and maintains the trademark, and cooperates with the Natural Capital Project to develop this policy and any trademark licensing.Users of the InVEST software and of data products produced with InVEST are encouraged to use the InVEST trademark and InVEST logo in publications, reports, websites, and presentations so long as you comply with the following conditions:

  • The use promotes or expands adoption and use of InVEST or InVEST-derived data products
  • The use does not imply endorsement by or an official affiliation with the Natural Capital Project or Stanford University
  • The use is not for illegal, defamatory or humiliating purposes.
  • The logo is used in a standalone and unaltered form, and not combined with any other logo

You can download an official logo.  You may not use the InVEST trademark or any confusingly similar mark as a trademark for your product, or use the InVEST trademark in any other manner that might cause confusion in the marketplace, including but not limited to in advertising, on websites, or on software.If you have questions about a situation not covered here or would like to request a license for a specific use, please contact