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Aspirational Principles

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  • We aspire to center local community partners, experts, and stakeholders in our work around the world.
  • We aspire to check assumptions related to western and white dominant standards that are embedded in our research questions and methods, and to expand and deepen our frameworks based on local knowledge and input.
  • We aspire to build relationships with local partners that last well beyond our transactional partnerships.
  • We aspire to “do no harm” through our partnerships, research, communications, and scholarships.
  • We aspire to leave communities and partners in a better place through capacity building.
  • We aspire to take accountability by facilitating a process of active listening, learning, and reflecting.
  • We aspire to advocate on behalf of local stakeholders with respect to funding partners.
  • We aspire to change our workplace culture in order to reflect our DEI values through hiring, promotion, and leadership practices.
  • We aspire to make our technology and research as accessible as possible.