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Tradeoff! Training Board Games

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Tradeoff! is a series of mapping board games developed by the Natural Capital Project that simply introduce concepts related to nature’s benefits to people, while mirroring our analytical approach with InVEST. The process of preparing spatial data, running software tools, and appropriately interpreting results can be challenging; Tradeoff! represents a more effective means to convey our approach to a broader audience, especially those who are not  experienced in scientific modeling.

Tradeoff! was created in a format similar to board games. The user must print out the board and game pieces. At this time, the games are not virtual, simulation, or app-based. Tradeoff! is ideally played with 2-3 teams of 4-6 players in each team, all located within close proximity to one another.  If you are interested in playing Tradeoff!, please contact Updated Tradeoff! scoring calculator found here

Currently, we offer four versions of Tradeoff!:

  1. Best Coast Belize (coastal zone management) Available in English and Spanish.
  2. Tradeoff! Agriculture Edition (terrestrial/freshwater services)
  3. Northland: Arctic Choices (arctic development)
  4. Roads to a Resilient Future (linear infrastructure development).

Read more about the development of Tradeoff! in the following paper, “Using simulation games to teach ecosystem service synergies and trade-offs.”