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Global Projects

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  • Co-developing natural capital approaches that inform policy and investment decisions for development and conservation goals in pilot countries around the world.
  • Quantifying potential improvements in economic returns, greenhouse gas emissions, water quality, and biodiversity through more efficient and effective land use change for countries globally. Project partners: NatCap at Stanford & UMN, and the World Bank.
  • We are developing an open-source computer vision algorithm to detect the location of dams from high resolution satellite imagery, enabling us to map the location of dams worldwide
  • Green Finance projects in the Latin America and Caribbean aims to help decision makers better understand how different policies and investment targeting nature-based solutions can help stimulate economic recovery and socio-cultural resilience .
  • The Natural Capital Project is working with multilateral development banks (MDBs) and three countries to advance national-level development plans to set standards, policies, and spatial zoning guidelines.
  • Developed a new framework with the biodiversity and ecosystem services experts and leaders in corporate sustainability to improve the representation of biodiversity and ecosystem services in natural capital accounting.
  • Unilever is serious about its commitment to producing more sustainable products, growing production while reducing its negative impacts on greenhouse gas emissions, biodiversity, and other benefits from ecosystems.
  • The Biosphere Futures project offers an online database of scenario planning case studies from all over the world.